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Thijs Verhoeven

Thijs Verhoeven is a Dutch filmmaker, producer and presenter. His filmcareer started in 2011 when he joined the filmmakers school at Koning Willem I College in 's-Hertogenbosch. In 2012 his first short film 'Ruben' debuted online. A movie about bullying. He believes it's important to make films with social impact. After 'Ruben' he produced several short films and worked with professionals from the film industry. 

In 2017 he started 412TV, an online media platform making local news in Oss. With 412MEDIA he makes corporate video's for all kinds of companies. 


At the moment he is making vlogs as a 'Buurtreporter'. Finding stories in people's neighbourhouds. The next step is to make new short films and a feature film. Thijs is looking forward to collaborate with other professionals from the film industry. 


Tel: +31 (0)6 38860944

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